Welcome to a wondrous discovery of the Forêt D’Orient Nature Park aboard our Hot air Balloon « Montgolfière du Lac d’Orient ».

Whether you wish to celebrate a special event, make a romantic getaway or share an intense experience with a friend, the memories of this flight will stay forever in your mind and heart!

Uwe, your pilot, will be delighted to be your host and guide throughout this exciting adventure.

2017 RATES : 

EXCLUSIVE DUO package : 500€ // Reserve and buy a ticket for two and have the basket exclusively for you and the pilot. (2 pass. + pilot)

Practical information :

Tickets are valid for one year from the time of purchase. We kindly advise you to reserve your flight indicating 3 dates in order of preference. We will make every effort to meet your wishes, but as you know the wind, not us, is the ultimate decision maker! If there is too much or insufficient wind, or if it rains, etc., we may be forced, for comfort and safety reasons – your safety first! – to cancel and reschedule the flight. 

Please feel free to ask us for any additional information by calling 06 07 98 11 98 (Uwe Schäfer, your pilot) or 06 85 44 97 34 (Florence, his wife and dedicated assistant on the ground!).

You should plan for a total of 3 hours, with the flight itself lasting approximately one hour.

Browse our photo gallery for pictures of gatherings attended by Uwe in Europe (France, Luxemburg, Italy, Slovakia…), and other photographs, taken from the balloon, of the forest and Lac d’Orient which have become our beloved home. Sunsets on the lake,  the delicate hues of poppy fields or the intense yellow of sunflowers below : the everchanging landscape will enrapt you throughout your flight.

We hope to see you soon for an amazing flight!